Cherrydale Branch Library

Serving North Arlington since 1922

Size of Library and Cost to Taxpayers

This page was last updated on May 18, 2014.

Library Interior

Cherrydale Library occupies 4,704 square feet (or about 5,600 square feet, if the balcony is included) and has some 30,000 books.

As of March 2009, when the County Board was considering reducing Cherrydale Library's operations from six days per week to three days per week as part of the County Government's efforts to meet a projected 3.8 percent revenue shortfall in the FY2010 Budget:

Guess what else! Cherrydale Library is remarkably energy efficient. Arlington County's analysis of energy consumption by each library in the system identifies Cherrydale Library as "among the very most efficient buildings in the Arlington government inventory." Also, the Arlington County Initiative To Reduce Emissions has spotlighted Cherrydale Library as "one of the County's greatest success stories." At the ceremony celebrating Cherrydale Library's 50th anniversary, the Executive Director of Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment, Elenor Hodges, read and presented a special Letter of Commendation praising additional steps the library has taken in recent years to enhance its environmental friendliness. In April 2012 the library received a cool sign, which went up in the front foyer. Click on the thumbnail image over on the right to see it. Green Sign

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