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Cherrydale Branch Library

Serving North Arlington since 1922

Letter to County Board Members from Citizens for Cherrydale Library, February 23, 2010

Dear _________:

On behalf of Citizens for Cherrydale Library, I am writing to express our appreciation for the proposed Arlington County budget for fiscal year 2011. We know that when putting the proposed budget together, Acting County Manager Barbara M. Donnellan had many difficult choices to make.

The proposed budget addresses our concerns and spares our Cherrydale Branch Library from additional reductions in hours and services on top of the cuts we absorbed last year. We join you and other Board members in your regret that the Libraries Department has to be cut at all. However, given the proposed overall reduction in the Libraries Department's budget, we believe that these proposed cuts are being apportioned fairly and equitably.

We look forward to Arlington County's return to economic prosperity when Central Library and the branches can be returned to the high level of service that has enriched the cultural and educational experiences of living in our County.



Michael Gessel
Citizens for Cherrydale Library

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