Cherrydale Branch Library

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County Board Candidates Discuss Cherrydale Library

The Arlington County Board has considered closing Cherrydale Library twice in the past sixteen years (1992 and 1998). Citizens for Cherrydale Library (CCL), a non-partisan neighborhood volunteer group, since 1998 has been querying County Board candidates for their written views about library funding, neighborhood libraries, and Cherrydale Library in particular. This year, on July 8, CCL posed the same three questions to candidates Barbara Favola and John Reeder. CCL promised the candidates that if they responded by August 16, their remarks would appear in the pre-election issue of Sweet & Sour News and on the Cherrydale Library web site ( and that CCL would submit their statements to the Arlington Sun Gazette. Both candidates sent responses, which appear below.


1. Do you support maintaining the current funding level of the Arlington County Department of Libraries?

2. What are your views on concentrating the County’s library system in a smaller number of locations as opposed to maintaining the network of neighborhood libraries?

3. As a member of the County Board, will you seek to close Cherrydale Library?