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Candidate Fisette Discusses Cherrydale Library

In July 2005, the neighborhood volunteer group, Citizens for Cherrydale Library (CCL), conducted its usual pre-election query of each candidate for County Board. Incumbent Board Chairman Jay Fisette is the only candidate on the ballot this year. He endorsed the answers he provided to CCL when he ran in 2001, with some updates that he made. The CCL provided these answers to the Arlington Sun Gazette and the Cherrydale Sweet & Sour News. The CCL also promised to post Mr. Fisette's answers on the Cherrydale and Maywood neighborhood list-serves.


Mr. Fisette's Responses:

1. Do you support maintaining the current funding level of the Arlington County Department of Libraries?

Yes. My support extends beyond words, to past actions. My record over the past eight years reflects support for our library system and the Department of Libraries. Library services are an essential function of our county government. In fact, in 2001, I became especially well acquainted with Department of Libraries staff as they were responsible for the coordination of my monthly online Conversations with the Chairman. I am especially proud of our Cyber Centers and the overall quality of our library services. Ultimately, our libraries are an essential element of the vision of Arlington as a learning community.

2. What are your views on concentrating the County's library system in a smaller number of locations as opposed to maintaining the network of neighborhood libraries?

I presume that neighborhood libraries are here to stay. They are an integral part of the fabric of the neighborhoods that they serve. The Director of the Department of Libraries and the County Manager would have to provide a compelling rationale/alternative for us to deviate from our longstanding commitment to neighborhood libraries.

3. As a member of the County Board, will you seek to close Cherrydale Library?

No. Now who would be so crazy?! Clearly we have already had this debate during my first term on the Board, initiated by the County Manager, and the arguments were made and failed.

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