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This page was last updated on November 3, 2010.

The County Board Candidates Speak on Cherrydale Library

At the candidates' debate at the Cherrydale Firehouse on October 21, 2009, the two candidates for County Board had the following to say about Cherrydale Library:
  • Challenger John Reeder (Green Party) made an unequivocal commitment to restore the hours of Cherrydale Library, saying that libraries are a fundamental responsibility of local government.
  • Incumbent Jay Fisette (Democrat) noted that last year the Board restored some of the hours of service for Cherrydale Library that were proposed for cutting by the County Manager. Mr. Fisette was supportive of Cherrydale Library but made no commitment.

Citizens for Cherrydale Library Officers Meet with County Board Candidates

On the afternoon of October 21, 2009, the officers of Citizens for Cherrydale Library met with County Board Vice Chairman Jay Fisette in the county government building. His remarks about our library were essentially the same as those he delivered at the candidates' debate that evening, with the additional observation that he did not expect the County Manager to propose any additional cuts to the operation of branch libraries or nature centers, given the community's reaction to the cuts proposed during the FY2010 budget process. The CCL officers expressed to Mr. Fisette our desire--once the county's economy recovers--to have our library's lost hours restored to their pre-July 2009 schedule.

In July 2008, two officers of Citizens for Cherrydale Library met with John Reeder, who promised at that time to fund and support Cherrydale Library. Mr. Reeder said during that meeting that he regards public libraries as one of the core functions of any local government.

Candidates Speak on Cherrydale Library

At the debate on October 20, 2010 at the Cherrydale Firehouse, the candidates for Arlington County Board answered a question about their views on keeping Cherrydale Library open. Click here to listen. (A big thank-you to Cherrydale's Harry Spector for recording the debates and posting them on YouTube.)

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